Commubox FXA291

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Адаптер Commubox FXA291 (Hardware)


Commubox FXA291 (Hardware)  
Communication, Gateway

Commubox FXA291 (Hardware)

Product code: 51516983

Serial USB Computer Interface
Technical Data:
- USB Version1.1 or higher
- Power supply via USB
- IP51; NEMA/Typ 3
- Ambient temperature: -20....+60oC
- Ex: II(2) G (EEx ia) II C
- ATEX: BVS 05 ATEX E 095
Scope of deliovery:
Commubox FXA 291
MS Windows USB driver
Device is submitted for CSA/FM
The device may not be modified and may
be used with intrinsically safe circuits
with corresponding characteristics only
(see safety certificate).